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The targeted customers of NLBS are exclusively poor women, who are engaged in some kind of small income generating activities (IGA) or willing to start IGA or up scaling their IGA but do not have any access to the main stream financial institution. In our operation methodology we adopt a mechanism of forming JLG (Joint Liability Group) a joint group effort towards self-employment where person having similar socio-economic profile and living in the same neighborhood (one representing one family), form a group of 5 whereby they work for the development of all and after taking the loan, are bound to the organization individually and GroupWise for repayment of the loan.


The process includes- Area Selection Group Formations Financial Transactions Timeliness is maintained and given a high priority in NLBS and it is to be maintained and upgraded continuously. All the services are provided to the customers at their doorstep such as preliminary training, increasing savings, documentation for loan sanction, collection of loan repayment installments, insurance, remittance services etc.  

Support Services

Along with credit services we also provide different kind of credit plus or support services to our customers. These services are provided directly by NLBS or by other organization.

The customers of NLBS are women. We know that in Nepal, mostly women are dependent on their husband and we know that if there is any unfortunate event of death of her husband, the family becomes helpless. There are thousands of examples where the widows are not permitted to stay in her husbands’ house; even they have to leave the house along with their children.

Keeping this scenario in mind we shall introduce the life insurance for the husbands of our customers where incase of any unfortunate event, at least the women can get a financial support and can start something of their own. We have planned to cover under insurance scheme to all of our customers. NLBS will be tied-up with the formal insurance company and providing this service to our customers.

We will provide different kind of training to our customers. These training include financial literacy, skill building, business development & skill development etc. We also organize different workshops on different social issues in a regular interval.

Training is of 2 types: Staff Training & Customer Training


Staff Training
The whole Staff Training Course is divided into 2 steps.

  • Induction Training
  • Post Induction Training


Apart from these two 3 more types of trainings are there


  • Periodic Training
  • Subject Training
  • External Training


All those above training program will conducts internal & external training program for different level of staffs according to their need.

Customer Training

Customer Development Training:
This training includes leadership development, skill building, business development & skill development etc. We also organize different workshops on different social issues in a regular interval.

Customer Awareness Training :
This training mainly covers financial literacy, creates awareness about the money making market, multiple borrowing, etc.